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What we do

With your own assistance, we have been supporting the Orthodox Missions for 54 years, so that it can bring comfort to people. Our main programs are:


Metropolitan Narkissos of Accra

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Dear members and supporters of the Fraternity, you are people characterized by reflection and action, which is why you came to be involved with the Orthodox Missions. May our good God bless and give grace to you! I am grateful, for many times you have delivered us in your own way from problems we face in our ministry, hence I thank you…

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Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria & all Africa

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Since my early days of pastoral ministry in the spiritual field of Africa, I have remembered the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity supporting the struggle of the Church of Alexandria…

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Metropolitan Makarios of Nairobi

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With meager means, your Fraternity began a struggle entailing many difficulties, pains and sacrifices. And today, you are on the first line of ministry to our poor, long suffering, disprivileged, downtrodden brothers by giving them the best and most valuable and by comforting them both spiritually and materially. And you pulled it off. You have faith and firmness in your aims and pursuits…

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5 ways to help

Ο καθένας μας μπορεί να προσφέρει κάτι. Ανακαλύψτε τον τρόπο που σας βολεύει και γίνετε συνεργοί της Εξωτερικής Ιεραποστολής σήμερα.


A container of love for Sierra Leone

25 tonnes of rice, milk, oil, pasta, salt, clothes, toys and ecclesiastical items were bought, gathered and wrapped up at our warehouse in Philyron

Indonesia: Where smile blooms (video)

Video on the volunteer visit by three members of our Fraternity to the Orthodox Mission in Sumatra, Indonesia

Mission stories

Anthem Of Orthodoxy

18 July 2017

Forty-four years ago I was humbly ministering by the grace of God to the Orthodox Mission in Zaire, now Congo, in Central Africa. I asked God for help and I composed this hymn which is short but has deep meanings…

I am with you always, to the end of the age…

We made the sign of the cross on Pepe’s foot with the piece of the Tree of Life that our brother Savvas from the Holy Mountain has, with the relic of St. Barnabas the Apostle, the icons of the Theotokos, of Saint John the Theologian and Evangelist and of other saints, chanting their troparia. The next day, Pepe came again telling us that he was not in pain anymore and descended the stairs of the courtyard running…

One “thank you” is not enough

10 June 2017

The same year 1997 His Eminence the new Metropolitan Jonah of Kampala and All Uganda appointed me rector to the historic parish of the Transfiguration in the village of Degeya. Historic parish indeed, because this was the first parish of the local African Orthodox Church…

Visit to the Metropolis of Heroes

1 June 2017

Έβλεπα πώς σκοτωνόντουσαν μικροί και μεγάλοι για ένα πιάτο φαγητό ή για τα ρούχα που έπαιρναν, και δεν άντεξα. Για αυτό ζητώ από όλους τους αναγνώστες να πείτε έστω ένα Κύριε ελέησον για αυτό το λαό…

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